CLP Compliance

The red, diamond CLP symbols will now be a familiar sight on Headland Amenity product labels and Safety Data Sheets, having been required to fully replace the previous orange, square CHIP symbols by 1st June 2017.

CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) came into force across Europe in 2009, directed by the United Nations, to help in the creation of a “globally harmonised” set of warning symbols that would be applied to all product labels and recognised around the world.

Products must be classified to determine how hazardous they are for both use and transport and this information is also used when completing CoSHH assessments. If you don’t have a copy of a particular product SDS, you can request this anytime by emailing us at

Some of the CLP hazard symbols and what they mean, which may be found on Headland Amenity product labels and Safety Data Sheets:

Hazard CLP Hazard Symbol
Dangerous to the environment
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