Amenity Turf Analysis

To get a complete picture of the health of your amenity turf, Headland Amenity offers a total amenity turf analysis service to its customers – taking soil, turf leaf and irrigation water samples for nutrient, organic matter and particle size analysis. The samples are then sent to the speciality Lancrop Laboratories/Yara Analytical Services Laboratory and the results provided in a clear and concise report.

Using an auger, soil samples are usually taken in an “M” pattern across the area to a depth of 6” and pooled together for each area sampled.

When soil samples are received at the laboratory, they are dried, finely ground and the nutrients extracted for testing on state-of-the-art instrumentation alongside known Quality Control reference material.

Turf grass samples are usually collected from clippings, which are dried, ground, combusted and then the acid-extracted nutrients are analysed at the laboratory.

Water samples are filtered to remove particulates before the nutrients within the water samples are determined.

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