Key Points of Mantle®

  • Water-soluble manganese, zinc and magnesium with Harpin.
  • Harpin Plant Elicitor stimulates plants natural defence mechanisms.
  • For foliar application (uptake mechanism of the Harpin protein).
  • Manganese has a potential two-fold benefit to the grass plant.
  • Tank-mixable with fungicides, liquid fertilisers and biostimulants.

The 20-20-30 Tankmix…

Headland Amenity have been pioneering research work since 2007, carrying out independent trials at the S.T.R.I using a combination of products to minimise Microdochium nivale. Our strategy featuring the 20-20-30 tankmix of Turfite Elite, Liquid Turf Hardener and Seamac Proturf Fe has been continuously refined and improved with the recent addition of Mantle®, enhancing efficacy.

Read more about our 20-20-30 tankmix strategy in the Non-Pesticidal Disease Management brochure...

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Product Specification

Product Type Soluble Powder
Application Rate 5-10 Kg/Ha (Outfield Turf)
10-20 Kg/Ha (Fine Turf)
Water volume 300-400 L/ha
Pack size 5 Kg

Usage Period

Usage PeriodJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec













  • Applications of manganese can reduce the ability of some root pathogens to damage the grass plant. As well as an important component of two enzymes, manganese is an activating co-factor for a large number of enzymes required for key functions in the grass plant including lignin synthesis in roots.
  • Mantle® is for foliar application only, due to the uptake mechanism of the Harpin protein. Suitable for use all year round for application to fine and outfield turf.
  • Do not apply to drought-stressed turf or during frost.
  • May be applied via boom-mounted, pedestrian or knapsack sprayers.
  • Apply to a dry leaf, without watering-in.
  • Add Mantle® to a part-filled spray tank and maintain agitation as additional water is added. Mix for a minimum of 10-15 minutes to ensure the components are fully dissolved before applying. Use a coarse mesh, inline filter for maximum solubility when using water-soluble materials.
  • Always add Mantle® to a half-filled spray tank first in the tank mix sequence and ensure it is under agitation whilst adding. Using warm water greatly aids the speed of solubility. Do not mix Mantle® with alkaline pH materials.

If using Mantle® with the 20-20-30 mix, the tank mix order should be:

  1. Mantle®
  2. Seamac Proturf Fe
  3. Liquid Turf Hardener
  4. Turfite